I’m a dominant, bull, and creator, but what does that really mean?

DOMINANT – Nothing gives me the same satisfaction as taking a submissive woman’s fantasy, turning it into a beautiful reality, and seeing the awe in her eyes

BULL – I play with couples in the hotwife, cuckold, and swinger lifestyles. My experience in the different dynamics allows me to understand and fulfill their fantasies

CREATOR – I have a passion for photography, videography, and capturing the sexual aesthetic. I may be a hedonist to my very core, but I appreciate capturing and sharing beauty

Those facets of my personality combined with being an exhibitionist have led me here, to sharing all of my adventures with you, so enjoy the show and I hope you join our community!

Here's a trailer of some of my favorite recent play dates! I've already edited and shared 65+ hours, and I've got another 147 hours and growing I'm editing to share as we speak 😉

Why do I do it? I just love watching people enjoy themselves!

By now I bet you're thinking "Yea, but what do your full videos look like?" that's a fair question, so enjoy the complete part 1 of my first date with Nichole for FREE!

My scorching hot second date with hotwife Kayla

A bit of the fun from my 2.5 hour first play date with Jessica and her boyfriend.

Third date with Cherry and her boyfriend

The first time I met April and her husband to play was a wild ride! The full hour is waiting for you inside 😉

A trailer for my fourth date with hotwife Sarah, a tasty little treat she is

First date with hotwife Andi, whew!

Legend says to this day, she still can't feel her cucks little clit

Cuckold humiliation is more your thing? Cool, we're into that too

….you’re still scrolling? Go watch the full videos already! You’re gonna give yourself fatal blueballs watching nothing but these trailers 😂

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