How do we meet you for some fun?

This is a question I get a lot, so I figured I’ll make it a straight forward and transparent process. First and foremost realize the only thing for sale here is a look into my lifestyle, I do not accept money to meet with people.

Below are my requirements for any potential play partner:

  1. You must be an exhibitionist. Exhibitionism is one of my primary kinks, if the thought of sharing pictures / videos with the world doesn’t turn you on, we won’t be a good match for each other. Faces will be blurred.
  2. You must be in good physical shape; I’m fit and that’s what I’m attracted to in women. If you’re curious what my standards for good shape are, simply look at any of my current partners. Most would describe themselves as petite or fit.
  3. You must live in the United States or Canada. I hate one-night stands and twice a year play date type situations, I like keeping a small circle of regular partners for frequent play dates. So if you’re visiting from a foreign country, I’m afraid I’m not interested.
  4. You must be interested in exploring BDSM. I’m first and foremost a dominant that enjoys the intersection of wife sharing, exhibitionism and BDSM. Vanilla encounters simply don’t interest me.
  5. You must be interested in meeting for in person play. All forms of virtual play, sexting only, roleplaying, “remote cucking”, or anything else that does not involve us in the same physical room does not interest me.
  6. You must be ready to take and pass an STD test. I’ve had people refuse this and trust me when I say it is the reddest of flags and the end of any conversation.
  7. You do not require any male-on-male sexual interactions. I am heterosexual, I have no sexual attraction to men whatsoever.
  8. If a couple, BOTH partners must be excited to be in the lifestyle. I will not help “convince” a spouse to get into the lifestyle, that’s not a bulls place. Also no cheating! Ethical non-monogamy only.

The ONLY exception to #1 I’m willing to consider are fit and kinky couples or women that LIVE within a 2 hour drive of Cincinnati, OH; the girlfriend and I need local sexy friends.

Ok, I meet all of the above requirements, now what?

Now I just need you to send me some information, and once again I urge you if you’re a roleplayer, single man, or picture collector, continuing will be a waste of your time. I will require verification that cannot be faked, and will end any conversation that looks like “What do you think of my wife? Would you fuck her?”; there’s nothing wrong with roleplaying, but you should do it with other people who enjoy it; I hate roleplaying online and it doesn’t interest me.

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Thanks for the interest! 

Once I have a chance to look through your submission and peek at those sexy photos, I’ll shoot you a message if I’m interested 😘