About Me

On my homepage I state I’m a dominant, bull, and creator; but let’s dive into what those terms really mean to me.

DOMINANT – Nothing gives me the same satisfaction as taking a submissive woman’s fantasy, turning it into a beautiful reality, and seeing the awe in her eyes

BULL – I play with couples in the hotwife, cuckold, and swinger lifestyles. My experience in the different dynamics allows me to understand and fulfill their fantasies

CREATOR – I have a passion for photography, videography, and capturing the sexual aesthetic. I may be a hedonist to my very core, but I appreciate capturing and sharing beauty

Those facets of my personality combined with being an exhibitionist have led me here, to sharing all of my adventures with you, so enjoy the show and I hope you join our community!

How this site works

  1. I have playdates with a select group of amateur couples and record the fun we get up to
  2. I edit the big videos into a shareable format (blurred, anonymized, watermarked, etc.) and share them in parts on the feed for all fans to enjoy
  3. In-between the big videos I share smaller clips captured during the dates, photos, previews, and other things.

The Release Order

This is the order in which major videos will be posted in a rotating basis, this means first there will be a major video released from the top person on the list, and then the next, and next, etc. You can always find out where we are in the release order by clicking here and seeing who the last video featured. If a partner is not listed in the release order, that means there are no future videos currently planned for them.


There are a million things going on behind the scenes to make videos shareable and I can’t promise I can always stick to the order, but it is the goal. Sometimes I’ll need to re-edit a video due to a request, or the review process will take longer than expected. Try to remember I’m just a normal dude and these are amateur couples that like to get kinky.

Frequently Asked Questions

That question has got it’s whole own page 😂

Click here!

My play dates are 1 – 3 hours, editing a 15 – 40 minute video so it can be shared takes between 10 to 20 hours depending on it’s complexity. If I waited to post the entire date it would be about a month between videos and it would be all of one person.

The releasing of content would be very slow, and it would be a 6+ month cycle of coming around to every partner which wouldn’t be fair as everyone has a different video they’re excited to see next

The people those faces belong to don’t want them in porn. There’s no secret here, they’re not pornstars, they don’t make their living doing this and have regular lives to manage.

If it isn’t on the feed, that’s because it isn’t edited yet. Unedited videos will never be shared, and I won’t derail the post order to skip ahead to your favorite as that cheats everyone else waiting on their favorite, just like you they’re paying fans and deserve the same respect.

Yes, I don’t know why this is such a common question. Is there some conspiracy theory going around that I’m hiring actors? 😂 They’re just regular old kinky folks, the world is full of them; you probably work with a few and have them in your family.

Roleplaying and sexting with people purely online is very uninteresting to me, so I’ll have to pass.

Threesomes with some friends slowly morphed into a cucking situation overtime. After that it was just encountering couples on various platforms; Reddit, FetLife, etc. During quarantine I picked up photography as a hobby to pass the time and eventually my photography and debauchery hobbies met to form this page.

Nope, just a man who enjoys sex and all things kink.

The only people that will ever have access to raw footage are those in the video. Due to the nature of the content in question and for the sake of privacy, third-parties will never be trusted with raw footage.

I do not. I did for a while back in the early OnlyFans days, but the requests got too weird for everyone involved. 

No. It’s silly to even ask, it’s even sillier to ask “What if I sign an NDA?”. 

Most reached out to me on social media (Twitter, Reddit, etc.). If you’re an aspiring bull reading this, I will say it’s easier to be an appealing option when couples can see what you’re about without having to ask, because 99% of the big talk people make in this lifestyle is nonsense.

8″ long by 6″ around.

I’m 5’11” tall and float anywhere between 220 and 260 pounds depending on my current fitness goal

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